Session Info


A Little About Each Session

In General:
+ I like to have someone I know accompany me on most shoots. Typically this happens when I either know I'll need assistance, or I don't know the person I'm shooting.
+ If we've never worked together before, or don't know each other very well, we can definitely set up a pre-arranged meeting sometime before we ever take pictures. This will be free, of course, unless I have to travel quite some distance -- and only then would I ask for a little money to cover the gas or travel expenses.
+ At this present time, I DO NOT have a studio. So most shoots will be on location, versus in studio.
+ I'm occasionally shy at first -- a horrid habit I'm trying to be rid of. I like to warm up before I get into directing people. So if I'm a little quiet at first, don't worry -- I'm sorting my thoughts and ideas. Once I get into it -- I get INTO it. Also, I LOVE hearing your ideas and will gladly work with you to make your ideas into something very cool.

Seniors, Portraits, and regular Beauty Shots:
I really like to work with your style and avoid any cookie-cutter stereotypical forced poses. If you have a particular style, then rock it! Let me know if there are any props you want to bring, or maybe some I can try to provide for you. I wanna see you shine through.

As I said above, I want the essence of YOU -- and in this case, you as a couple. If there is anything special or particular we can create or recreate for you pictures, let me know! Or if there's a specific style you're both into, a favorite movie, a shared love for music. We can figure out what would be absolutely perfect for your special pictures!

I love music, and I'd love to hear yours! So if you want me to shoot one of your performances, practices, just you guys hanging out, or some crazy themed shoot -- let me know. I'm sure we can work out something to really make you guys look your most awesome.

Family Portraits:
Tired of conventional and stiff family pictures? Then bring what's unique about your family to me and we can work on something that shows just who your family is.

I'm a proud aunt of several nieces and nephews, so I love working with little ones!

Model Portfolio:
Wear stuff you like that represents the type of modeling you want to get into, be sure to give me a heads up, too!

Pin-Up, Alternative Modeling, Punk/Rock, Concept, Horror, etc:
Bring your own wardrobe, get a designer to hook you up with some clothes or accessories, or work with me on a theme -- contact me and we can discuss it.